The Asterisk S-Prize

John Todd, with Digium, announced a very cool contest — The Asterisk S-Prize.

To encourage the improvement and testing of larger-scale Asterisk systems, I’d like to repeat here what I mentioned today on the asterisk-dev mailing list: I’m putting out a semi-official challenge in place. The first person to get an Asterisk system moving 10,000 G.711 call legs through a single instance on a single machine will get a first-class steak dinner at Astricon. And a great bottle of wine, if that is your preference.

To read more about the contest, check out the official post at Digium.

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One thought on “The Asterisk S-Prize”

  1. Thanks for re-posting!

    I’m really hoping I can give this dinner away at the next Astricon. 10,000 channels is a big number to hit, and it’s more of a challenge for the underlying kernel and hardware first. Asterisk becomes the secondary challenge, almost.

    Of course, in five or six years I’ll be reminiscing with a laugh when I talk about “remember when we had to struggle to get more than 10,000 calls through a single Asterisk box at once?”


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